We have a love for all things food, and have always been inspired by the incredible versatility of fresh herbs and their ability to transform a simple sauce or dressing into something else a little more extraordinary.

You don’t need boundless space to strike up a meaningful relationship with herbs either - a little pot on the windowsill and a drop of water, does the trick. We always have a wide selection of fresh herbs growing within arm’s reach of the kitchen though understand that life can be busy and there’s not always time to whip up your own sauce or dressing..

Our range has been developed to allow you to enjoy the full flavour of delicious fresh herbs without the hassle.  Whether looking for a quick & tasty sauce for pasta, wanting to add a little extra zing to a fish dish, or simply after a tasty dip to enjoy with your favourite snack, we have a little something that will do the perfect job.

Each A Little Bit bottle is full of goodness with a delicious home-made flavour. All are 100% free of preservatives, colourings and additives and only use fresh herbs.