Herb Hero: Chevril

Chervil is another underused herb that we simply adore. Why hasn't it hasn't yet reached the mainstream? It's easy to grow and has a mild sweet aniseed flavour that's delicious with all kinds of dishes. We hope that by dedicating our June Herb of the Month to Chervil that more people will be motivated to embrace this marvellous herb!

Chervil is part of the carrot family and looks like a feathery version of flat leaf parsley. Chervil is best used fresh as any kind of cooking tends to obliterate the flavour. This makes chervil the perfect addition to salads and an excellent garnish for all manner of dishes (see our recipes below).


Chervil is very easy to grow from seed. It grows best in semi-shade so sow the seeds in amongst other plants which will provide shade and keep the soil from drying out. Sow seeds several times a year from March so you have a constant supply.


Chervil is best used raw and as fresh as possible. Because it's so mild, feel free to use lots of it! Chervil is great with eggs, chicken, white fish, asparagus, potatoes, grains, basically any dish that benefits from fresh herbs (don't they all?). Here are a few specific recipes to get you started cooking with chervil: