Succulent Lamb Chops

A Little Bit dressings are also marvellous marinades. You need to allow at least 20 minutes for the meat to infuse with the herby flavours and I prefer to leave them in the fridge overnight to truly soak up all the goodness. Our Balsamic and Thyme Dressing will deliver incredibly juicy and tender lamb chops.


Once you’ve grilled your lamb chops serve with new potatoes, fresh greens or a simple salad.

You can even apply Balsamic and Thyme Dressing liberally to your Sunday joint before slow roasting in a foil covered roasting tin. Place in a cool oven (120ºC) overnight for tender meat that simply falls off the bone.  Then use the juices left in the pan to make a sensationally rich gravy.

Did you know: Balsamic vinegar is first mentioned in a document dating back to 1046.