Prawn & Avocado Sandwich

Banish boring lunch time sarnies with this is a super tasty and simple solution.  Marinade a handful of prawns in A Little Bit’s Raspberry and Mint Dressing for 20 minutes or so. Mix a couple of spoonful’s of mayonnaise with a dash more dressing and add the succulent prawns. Then dress your bread of choice with the prawns, sliced avocado and rocket.  Top off with a sprinkling of chopped parsley and mint.

A Little Bit Prawn and Avocado Sandwich


70’s flash back - if you’re having a retro moment and fancy a classic prawn cocktail, then our Raspberry and Mint Dressing is also a great  alternative to using ketchup in your mayonnaise.

Did you know: The seed of an avocado makes up 70 percent of the fruit’s nutritional value? Dry the stone then cut into quarters and blend into a powder. This can be added to smoothies to make the most of its cholesterol lowering and anti-viral qualities – it has a fairly strong flavour so mix with punchy fruits such a berries or pineapple.