A Little Bit Food Co is going plastic free!

PNG image-59BF1796BE3A-1.png

We’re delighted to announce that our full range of products will be plastic-free from January 2019!

A Little Bit Food Co was born out of a long standing interest in horticulture and gardening - you could say that environmental sustainability has always been in our “roots”. We felt that going plastic free was the next big step in our evolution. Specifically…

  • We want to reduce our environmental footprint.

  • We are all becoming aware of how much plastic we are using in our daily lives, especially single use plastic, and it’s just too much!

  • Want to give our customers the opportunity of being able to buy great products while still doing their bit for the planet!

  • On a personal level, we are reducing plastic in our homes so want to do the same at work, too.

  • Our office is already run on solar and ground source heat pumps.

  • Gardens and wildlife hate plastic and we are all about fresh food and gardening.

  • We want to feel even better about what we do!

A prototype of our plastic-free designs were showcased last September at the Packaging Innovations show, as part of their “Plastic Free Aisle” (see image above). We hope to see more such aisles coming to actual supermarkets in the future and are very much looking forward to January when we can say all of our products are plastic-free!