"This is divine. So moreish you could eat it on its own. The girls considered it an absolute winner and it’s unctuousness set it apart. It was reminiscent of cold soup (yet somehow delicious) because it is the only one to contain butter, lending it a rich and creamy decadence. The crunch of fish fingers combined really well with the smoothness of the sauce."

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A Little Bit dressings are a huge seller in our shop and a firm favourite with our customers. We find they sell throughout the year and are not just limited to summer salads but can be used throughout the year as a condiment to many different meals.

Once customers have tasted Sophie’s dressings they will be taking some home with them which makes it a very easy and handy product for us, that's why we always ensure we have it in stock!

A. Legge, Legges of Bromyard.


We love A Little Bit Food Co dressings! As soon as we saw the bright packaging and modern branding we had high hopes for the produce within the bottles, and we weren’t disappointed. The flavours are amazing and taste so fresh, such a gem to find and glad that we are a

C. Darlington, Battlefields 1403, Shrewsbury.


Before I was introduced to the range of "A Little Bit on Top " salad dressing, it would be fair to say my salads were pretty uninspiring. It was always too much effort to make a dressing, not that i would know where to start, so my salads were always matched with just a dollop of mayo.

To say " A Little Bit on Top " has made me look at salads in a different light would be an understatement. These 4 carefully created dressings that enhance meal times, are so flexible that they go not only with salad but serve as a marinade, a dipping oil and can be mixed with mayo to create a little excitement in the kitchen. And as an added bonus, they look damn good too so great to
leave out and impress!

A. Cadet